Sunday 6 October 2013

Israeli Nazis & Their Concentration Camps In The Negev Desert


Max Blumenthal's latest interview with Democracy Now was shocking to me. I hadn't appreciated before the spiralling racism in Israel and that they are herding people in the Negev desert into what they (not us) call concentration areas AKA camps. Most depressing is how young people are increasingly seeing racism and violence against non Jews as normal.

The powers that be (those above national borders) are mocking and manipulating Israelis into racism that will end badly if they don't wake up. After demonizing and persecuting their forefathers they have shown the world that any people can be made to do anything through cultural programming even if it insults a history of suffering. 

This is clear manipulation and designed to replace suffering with hate.

Congratulations Israel and silent Jews all round the world. You fell for it again, and now we are going to have to mop up the mess you leave behind and hope the cycle of violence isn't repeated.

You depress me. (Part Two of Max Blumental's Interview Below)