Sunday, 6 October 2013

50 Material Witnesses To JFK Were Murdered

People who aren't prepared to interrogate the corporate media, are it seems, mostly frightened to deal with the consequences. Is it because they know their entire reality falls apart if they are running round the corporate hamster wheel day in, and day out for a conciousness that is largely fictitious?

Perhaps many people would have to consider hanging themselves if forced to confront what they have loyally breast-fed on? I'm sure a similar feeling is felt from those who emerged from the Nazi youth or Zionist racism. Reality is not for the faint of heart. 

Better to put the head in the sand maybe.

Not Richard Belzer however. 

He has taken a different approach to the murder of JFK by the war machine and money concentration establishment. Sure the CIA were involved, sure the Mossad too, even the East Coast establishment, Mafia and US military all had a hand in it. 

But you can get bogged down with too many questions when an easy way to reassure yourself of the conspiracy is too examine the 50 material witnesses that died to keep the lid on the JFK murder.

My own favourite string puller in the cabal who murdered JFK is Allen Dulles

His hands drip blood.

Listen to the above interview. It's excellent apart from a misguided additional view that Libya needed to be bombed to save a million lives. 

That's total TV brainwashing. 

Libya is a failed country now after the love bombs by NATO and 30000 killed to make it that way.. safe for Israel.