Tuesday 25 June 2013

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is much better than I expected. I don't usually watch Hollywood but this production caught my eye as it was interpreted by the conspiracy crowd as an indicator of what's in store for those who survive depopulation, chemtrails and a long list of wickedness the power elite have lined up for us. It's a movie for those of us with the audacity to survive whatever extinction level event we don't have invitation tickets to loiter with the VIP's in Deep Underground  Military Bases (DUMBS) while the cataclysm takes place overhead.

I don't actually buy all of the above but it's worth knowing why it caught my eye. My feeling is the potential breakdown of society could be longer and messier than expected or completely unexpected if at all. Natural events seem to be the more likely than engineered events.

Someone I care about loves this movie so I watched it to show solidarity and so for me it was good and thought provoking entertainment. I understand it's based on a trilogy of books which were inspired by an earlier Japanese book called Battle Royale which was made into a movie.

The authenticity of the movie worked well. It rarely goes over the top and if so only in tiny details that most Americans would never notice. In fact most people wouldn't notice but I'm super sensitive to the cliches of Hollywood production and this film doesn't take liberties.

The film explores the Society of the Spectacle whereby what is viewed becomes more important than what actually is. Guy Debord's work on this subject is as important now as ever it was as we hurtle into a Truman Show of them watching us watching them watching us in a recursive loop of fear and privacy intrusion that may imprison humanity in that special way that many have yet to grasp.

Interestingly for Hollywood, the celebrities are the creeps in this movie with cartoonesque qualities that draw on archetypes as deep as one can find in the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. Celebrities portrayed as creeps is so rare these days that is must be applauded. Actors are by their nature good at lying. That's what they do.

I can only throw in one morsel of observation which is that the top of the control pyramid in this movie is played by an amiably-possesed white haired gentleman who is clipping his roses in a garden while debating life and death for entertainment.  I wanted to share where I've seen this before. It's the Spielberg film Munich where the shadowy transnational figures who run the world are headed by a similar white haired gentleman clipping his roses.

Same character clipping roses in The Hunger Games

And hopefully you'll appreciate the resonance of a Mr Rothschild's recorded interview below at Exbury Gardens in Hampshire, England cutting his roses as a conspiracy researcher asks him questions. I'm not asking you to draw conclusions. I'm just pointing out the synchronicity.