Thursday, 27 June 2013

Is The NSA Trolling Ed Snowjob? (Is the CIA Trolling Julian?)

This morning I thought I'd write an explanation of why I think Julian Assange is both real and not what he says. I wanted to suggest that he might have started out on one trajectory and then changed course to another. I've tried to approach his mother to do interviews but that line of contact has now ceased and so while I believe Julian Assange's intentions are good I don't think he's in charge of the full game and any message carrier/whistleblower  who doesn't speak up about the 9/11 fairy tale can't be on the level because the evidence is so overwhelming.

I also think Edward Snowden may not be all he says he is. Both China and Russia have said no thanks to the most valuable information available and one they both offer large incentives for. If Ed Snowjob's information isn't good enough for Russia or China it isn't good enough for me. I've learned nothing I didn't know about before. I know more potential scenarios about hidden technology than most, and I also know more bullshit stories than most so take that caveat with my claim too. 

Edward Snowden is also on record as being the kind of sly fascist who would kill someone who leaks information. He said this only three years ago. 

That's not very cool is it?

The hypothesis I'm offering doesn't address the question of why would this pseudo-leaking or post modern limited hangout be made in the first place? One idea could be we're looking at internal tensions being played out between the CIA and the NSA both of whom Ed Snowjob worked for.

I think the answer is it's a PR trap to make Russia and China look bad. Syria is worsening and the only thing that is stopping the American's doing an Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya on Syria is the Western people's support for China and Russia. We don't trust our own governments any more and realise the old enemy is keeping the ship on an even keel

This is just an hypothesis and my thanks to Darren for articulating what I've been wanting to say about Julian and Edward for some considerable time with the Star Trek clip above. It demonstrates how complex the situation both Wikileaks and Snowden are in. I'm always open and positive towards all new information and ready to change my mind, but until Julian or Snowden talk about the fake 9/11 attacks it's no more real than the stuff we already know. Both may be naive but it's an intelligence test failure to be on the wrong side of history with respect to 9/11.

This is information warfare and truth is your only weapon. 

The above stands as mine.