Friday 7 June 2013

Airbrushed History - Eisenhower's Death Camps

There's so much airbrushed history and lies about the end of the second world war. Fortunately we have the internet to take on the epistemological cartoon that America was not capable of its own holocaust after the war on German soil, an act the British were so appalled by they refused to starve German prisoners of war to death unlike Eisenhower who is responsible for 'amputees slithering about in the mud, starving and dehydrated to death in German POW camps'.

Deanna Spingola actually breaks down crying in this recording listing the horrors the Americans inflicted on German prisoners of war.

Reality isn't very pretty but let's not swallow the infantile story that the American were any less barbarous than any other players of the World War. If anything they were worse than the German concentration camps which had more food and were not open air. Don't believe me? Go ahead, take a drink.