Sunday, 20 January 2013

How To Pronounce Zbigniew Brzezinski

When it became clear that the cold war was a stalemate of nuclear weapons Zbigniew Brzezinski knew that he could afford to stir trouble up other ways to keep the Pentagon share portfolio value increasing in value forever so he set up the Mujahideen thing that morphed into (with a little more help from the CIA) the Taliban and Al Qaeda on the Pakistan and Afghanistan border in the 70's.

He's a founder member of the Rockefeller owned Trilateral commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and is a Bilderberger as well as an advisor to Obama. He's about as lizard as it gets in the 21st century. In that last video I posted you can see his true colours as he hisses at an activist asking questions that the public has a right to know. Zbig has he is often called by us is a pathological hater of Putin. It used to be Russia but now he blames Putin for everything. He's nuts and a relic of the cold war.