Sunday 20 January 2013

Did We Get Our Two Minutes Hate Out The Way

Forget Lance Armstrong. 

Our lie is not talking about 9/11, WMD's, Syria, Sandy Hook and the list goes on and on and on. Lance was telling us the truth. He was telling us we're all liars. 

Just for asking questions about the very incoherent Sandy Hook massacre (which did take place but not as we've been told) I stand accused of being a filthy truther. Seeking fidelity in narratives is now looked down on. What does that say about the rest of modern cultural foundations?

No greater upside down, topsy turvy indictment of 21st century mendacity living can be manifested then the calumny that is now attached to seeking the truth and being called a truther. 

Listen to this extraordinary show by Robert Phoenix. It's brilliant.