Wednesday 12 September 2012

Torchwood Timelines & Archontic Influences

I'm not really into contemporary British drama. It makes me cringe a bit and there's always a whiff of Grange Hill about the place. However I have been playing one episode a day of Torchwood as I make my extraordinarily tasty cooked breakfasts that often use deep fried potatoes in the finest olive oils Bangkok has to offer along with a chopped tomato and onion number held together with an egg and usually a couple of pork chops with either Enoki (Straw or Velvet Shank mushrooms) and/or  Eryngii (King Trumpet Mushrooms) these days.

Anyway there's not quite enough in Torchwood to convert me to suspend disbelief but without doubt either the scriptwriters have a few thousand hours researching the edges of the internet for Annunaki or Archontic alien influences or even Camelot Area 51 Looking Glass timeline issues. It's not just cut and run ideas either. They get the quantum physics and multiverse aspects of multiple timeline theories. It takes a lot of internet trawling to nail those in the right way.

Failing that, maybe the scriptwriters are tapping into the collective unconscious. Either way it's very hip and contemporary ideas veiled in golly gosh British Drama. A bit like Dr Who I'm told. I don't usually watch stuff like this. I'm actually even watching this. Just keeping an eye on it as I cook.