Wednesday 12 September 2012

Is Rupert Murdoch Being Blackmailed To Tell The Truth?

Murdoch owned FOX19 is the only major media aperture that is asking questions about real issues. The corporate media is silent on NDAA, Drone Executions and Al Qaeda in Syria and Libya. Given that Murdoch's New York Post yesterday headlined that Bush knew about 9/11 in advance can I post a conspiracy theory?

Is Rupert Murdoch being pressured to ensure his media ask good questions and tell the truth?  It only makes sense that some sort of plea bargain took place given he got off so lightly in the disappointing Leveson inquiry?

It's important to note that Obama confirms that he will never use the NDAA law he signed. May I remind the American people that the GOP party will have no hesitation to lock people up using this law. Look at Obama's body language. It's not very confident is it?