Thursday 13 September 2012

Le Martyre De Miss Cavell

As part of my research on ruling bloodlines and banking elites manipulating humankind through war, religion, ideology and greed (plus a few more) I go back and study the geopolitical landscape of the past. If the Rothschilds and Rockefellers were funding Trotsky then let's see if this is consistent with the drama that unfolds in the world wars. I'm constantly on the lookout for definite proof that I'm wrong. That way I can walk away from it. In all my research there's only one quote that didn't sit well with the framework I am building. I haven't been able to verify it though I know the historian who has read the cabinet diaries that I can ask. It was a comment that the British Royal family hid in the cupboard in Buckingham palace during air raids. This doesn't make sense when we know Churchill always hot footed it out of London as he had the Enigma codes advance warning. As I say it's just one line that doesn't fit the bloodline narrative in my head. Maybe it's a propaganda line. One day I'll find out.

In any case I learned about Edith Cavell in the documentary above. Two things stuck out. The first is her story comes from a time when the German army tried her in a military court. That wouldn't happen if the US Marines were there. They just shoot women who they think are guilty of aiding the enemy and we know that officially from The Phoenix Program from the Vietnam war and from Iraq and Afghanistan more recently, We've become even more barbarous with high tech warfare not less.

The second stand out point is Edith's words before she was shot. She said something I believe about veneer thin jingoistic nationalism and militaristic patriotism but I can only hope that I'd have the courage to say the same to a priest if I were facing execution. She said "Patriotism is not enough, I must have no hatred and bitterness for anyone'.

For all my ranting. I don't hate anyone at all. That's what we're here to learn.

Edith Cavell was an English nurse who worked in Brussels during WWI. She was a nursing teacher, later starting her own nursing school in Belgium. After the war started, and the Germans invaded Belgium, she began to hide Allied soldiers and help them to cross the border into safe territory. Germans eventually captured the hospital and turned it into a Red Cross, but kept Cavell on as matron. She nursed and cared for German soldiers just as she had the Allied soldiers.
Cavell continued to hide English, Belgian, and French soldiers, despite German suspicions. By 1915, she had helped atleast 200 soldiers leave enemy territory and get back to their units. Eventually, German secret police discovered what she was doing, and had her arrested. She was shot before a firing squad on October 12th, 1915. Her death made her a martyr, inspiring an increase in morale and recruitment within the Allied ranks.