Thursday 6 September 2012

Joseph P. Farrell & GeorgeAnn Hughes - Cosmic Wars, Nazis, Lasers, The Reformation & Isotopes

I've been working my way through these and as I'm on part twelve and this episode is a particularly good one I thought I'd flag it up with a post. They will probably need listening to again as I listen to them in fits and starts through broken sleep but in this instalment it becomes increasingly obvious from other research resources that Alan Dulles and General Reinhard Gehlen struck a deal towards the end of the war that seems to have been on behalf of powerful dynasties like the Bushes to take over the world without the democratic institutions fully being in on the act. Besides Dulles and Bush went on to install all their people after the war and kept the war machinery going through a fake cold war that kept the Pentagon busy for decades after.

Anyway, you get such a broad range of subjects from hard science to out of the box thinking that they're very engaging.