Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Al Qaeda Flag Raised Over US Embassy As Stars & Stripes Burns

Many Americans are so dependent on their corporatized media they've in the dark that they've been assisting al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria to keep the dollar propped up and the petrodollar in charge. They call it spreading peace and democracy in the military industrial media matrix so it's hard to know how many people understood the importance of that Obama interview I blogged where he claimed we now have good guy al Qaeda and bad guy al Qaeda when he's not doing his weekly shopping list for drone executions in Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

If all this confuses you it's really simple. The bottom line is knowing the difference between right and wrong. That was lost on the American people around the Iran Contra era when reality poked through the haze and we saw how ugly it all really was and went back to making money.

Here's Jim with the weather.