Thursday, 23 August 2012

"With The Coolest People In The World" - Anna Ardin's Barbecue Tweet After Sex With Julian

Anna Ardin on the left and Julian
Hanging out with the coolest people in the world tweet by Anna Ardin
Looking for a crayfish Party for Julian to enjoy tweet by Anna
Juilian with Anna at a Press Conference the day after intercourse - Sex, Lies and Julian Assange (Full Documentary 2012)

Amazingly  Australian media has produced an excellent and even handed documentary explaining the exact sequence of events. Julian was perhaps unwise to have sex with two women who are friends even if consensual, because it set the ground for exploitation by outside forces. 

However nobody deserves to end up in a US jail looking like poor Bradley Manning and this nonsense about rape charges is about being framed by the military industrial complex who make money out of apache helicopter sales and death and destruction and division within our species. 

We do not trust them. 

We reject their poison and toxicity on human sovereignty.