Friday, 24 August 2012

Free Downloadable 3D Printed Machine Gun - No Credit Details Required

The United States is precipitating into a civil war of the TSA, NSA, CIA, DIA, NYPD, LAPD , DHS, ICE and ATF against the very taxpayers who pay their wages. Those salaries are for what is easily best described now as secret-police brutality snoop-work punctuated by greasy snouts in the security industrial complex trough of secure pensions. Because of their naked greed and violence, it makes sense to distribute a file that gives each and every liberty lover a way to download a 3D printed machine gun to protect themselves and their families from the predatory GovCorp institutions clawing at the innocent masses to justify their very existence.

Information want's to be free. The screaming fake left liberals have shown us they care not for erosion of liberties by remaining silent over the NDAA act signed in a haste by the lovable Barack Obama over New Years to conceal the emergency military detention nature of this legislation. 

We know the fake left love to scream about their rights but as long as it doesn't mean a knock on their door they will gladly sign over their rights till they are not discussing the Jewish neighbours who have just been hauled off to the FEMA camps. 

That's the fake left for you. Hypocrites and cowards while the equivalent of the Nazi enabling act of 1933 was passed despite Mr Obama asserting he wouldn't sign the bill before he sneakily did with zero protest from the controlled media and the fake left too dizzy over hope and change to notice the hopeless lack of change in Washington. Instead they preferring to wave team colours and settle for the lesser of two evils because evil tomorrow is better than evil today right? In my book it's still evil.

Humanity is evolving at a logarithmic rate and so please don't mistake me for a pro violence person. No. My appeal to our species is that spiritual technology is at hand. If we embrace the internal, the non materialistic, the universal and the profound we can give people 3D nuclear bombs because they wont want to use them. Either we wise up as a species and shift attention away from the material and the trivial or we are creating an environment where we foster the ability of hatred and GovCorp violence and exploitation to create danger in the tiniest nooks and crannies of cyberspace.

Either we change our ways or we will self destruct. In the meantime we have a violent and abusive Stockholm syndrome relationship with GovCorp and their deeply distorted war propaganda petrodollar media on one side and hand wringing lefties with no balls to speak up to power if it interferes with the banality of evil known as their career. In this respect either you own a gun or you don't when GovCorp finally turns on you as they've led all your neighbours away to a FEMA camp.

Here's the rest of the details. Download a machine gun. It's the coolest geekiest trick on the planet. Word.

A “gun” has many parts but only one part is regulated and serialized.  The ability to fabricate the lower-receiver on a gun and then purchase the un-regulated parts on the open market results in a weapon that exists without regulation.    You can do this today, with the right equipment bydownloading this file and following the instructions here or below.    This however is not the same thing as making a 100% 3D printable gun, using a printer that is produced using 3D printable parts.    The community of gun owners and supporters needs you
The Above AR-15 is mostly after-market parts, but the regulated component is 3D printed

Tools Required:

A 3d Printer>>download this file<<A bunch of easily purchased after-market parts


If you have access to a CAD package, I highly recommend working from the original IGES file and not an STL if you want to print a lower receiver. Firearms require a good deal more precision than a Bre Pettis bobblehead, and working from a proper CAD model will allow you to tweak hole diameters and add reinforcement in critical areas. In this case, I opted to add extra support to the front takedown pin lugs, added an integral trigger guard, and reinforced the area around the bolt hold. However, I’m still skeptical of how well the bolt hold crosspin holes will fare and will test without that feature to start with.
Justin’s original IGES file actually has the buffer tube threads as modeled features, so I output the STL at a very high resolution (hence the 46 meg file). Much to my delight, when I printed the receiver on my Stratasys, a buffer tube could be screwed right into the rear of the receiver with no touchup of the threads needed (a good thing, as the special 1-3/16″-16 tap for the threads is rather expensive).
As this is a rather complex part, I recommend printing it out at 75% scale first (you can see my original 75% stock lower next to the final full size reinforced lower in one of the pictures). You’ll save a lot of time and material this way and get a good idea of how well features will be preserved on a full size print. I used PP3DP UP! filament for the 75% model and switched to black Bolson ABS for the full print. I’d love to try a polycarbonate/ABS blend for this part, but I have no idea if my printer will handle such material.
I have not yet tried fitting the receiver with the trigger group and other components – I may need to ream some of the holes and then sleeve with brass bushings to maintain the needed accuracy. However, I’m very pleased with the receiver thus far and have a .22 conversion kit that I’ll be using once I’m ready for live fire tests.

The AR-15 design was designed by Michael Guslick, (HaveBlue).  The design for his AR-15 lower receiver is not to be confused with the M-16 lower receiver.  The distinction being an AR-15 is legal for civilian ownership, while the M-16 design allows for select fire and is thus essentially illegal for civilian ownership since 1986.