Sunday 26 August 2012

The Pentagon Is Brutalizing Bradley Manning & Now They Want Julian Assange

I had no idea that Bradley Manning is 5 foot 3, joined up for the college bills, spent time in Wales where his mother comes from and was advised by his officers as unfit for service in between bouts of curling up like a foetus and crying on his bed, or wetting himself from bullying. At 23 years old he has been incarcerated for a year, forced nudity and drugged in solitary confinement (recently relocated) because he released the film of the helicopter attack above that mowed down innocent Iraqi civilians. The Guardian newspaper has done an excellent article with a short video on the topic with the link.

We all owe Bradley Manning a great debt for his courage and we must make sure the Pentagon don't get Julian. Be intolerant of those who support Sweden and their kafkaesque rape laws. They are in my experience poisonous and spiteful people.