Sunday 26 August 2012

Neil Armstrong Hated Telling Lies & Spoke About 'Truths Protective Layers' 25 Years Later

Neil Armstrong had to lie about the Apollo mission. You can see from the press conference that it's more chilled and more depressing than an obituary reading. At least on someone's death there are fine words about the life of a person and here the Apollo Astronauts are practically traumatized at having to compound the fiction with lies. 

It seems there was no choice, and they had to. There's plenty of evidence that many (particularly later) were clockwork oranged including missing memories and extreme nausea when trying to recount their Apollo mission stories.

Twenty five years later in the second video I've embedded, Neil Armstrong urged young people to go into space and remove truths protective lies referring to a quote by Winston Churchill on war. 

The first victim of war is truth - Aeschylus

The space race was considered the greatest victory of the cold war.

Nobody knows what really happened but spend time with the arguments and a lot of the official narrative simply doesn't add up. That's an uncomfortable thought for a lot of people who trust elite institutions but there's nothing I can do about that. 

It is as it is.