Saturday, 11 August 2012

How Does The US Navy Get On With The Iranian Navy In The Straits Of Hormuz.

Admiral William J.Fallon, Former Commander of U.S. Central Command, speaking at the joint conference of AIC and ACMCU titled: The Changing Middle East, New Challenges, Players and US-Iran Relations. 

Fallon, discusses "The Changing Middle East and Implications for US-Iran Relations. He's kind of a straight up player who pushed back when the Bush administration wanted to start war with Iran but the bottom line is he doesn't understand that the US naval base in Bahrain is to do with US stability and not the region. He should also know the basics on Bahraini doctors and nurses being arrested and persecuted for treating injured protesters. He might choose to ignore those kind of issues but if I can learn up on his world he can learn up the world of the people where he parks his boats.

Interesting presentation though on naval etiquette and procedure. Far more grown up than Congress.