Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Brennan On Yemen At The Council On Foreign Relations

I've been wanting to check out US counter terrorism expert John Brennan for a while and this is the perfect environment as I got the impression he's a bit of a potato and that kind of pressure shows in the pseduo intellectual environment of the CFR.

In a nutshell he's so unsure of why the U.S. is in Yemen killing American citizens that he needs to read a prepared speech that glosses over where the money is going other than drone executions. He reads it too quick and too functionally stumbling over the odd word even though it's chock full of the usual bullshit platitudes such as 'partners with Yemen for success' and so forth.

There's some interesting insights into the Saudi, US axis of drone executions in the middle East relationship but ultimately the U.S. is run by people who haven't figured out that AQAP (Al Qaida) simply turn up wherever the US is. An interesting thought given the home game is falling apart.

In the previous documentary I posted there's more concrete information like Yemen troops shooting at a teenage girls' burial and the near mutiny of Yemen troops due to corruption in the military leadership. When will the US ever learn?

Too much ego to really absorb the lessons everyone else can see.