Saturday, 25 August 2012

A Refined Cosmology to Address Cosmic Anomaly - Lifting the Veil - Part 4

James Horak doesn't say "I don't know" in answer to interviewers questions enough for me to value everything he says, but he is way above average intelligence and the interviewer here is excellent. It's an interesting listen, but I recommend clicking the tag below and listening to the others if it's a bit confusing. Particularly I recommend the Crystal Clark interview. The visual above is the Pleiades constellation. A part of the night sky I've always felt a connection to. The following information is cut and pasted:

Refined Cosmology to Address Cosmic Anomaly - Lifting the Veil - Pt.4
Interview of Benjamin Donnelly with James Horak 18-4-2012

In this interview, which is a continuation of the Crystal Clark series, Benjamin Donnelly probes deeper into the nature of reality and our purpose of existence by questioning James Horak further.

Some of the Topics covered in this interview are: 

1) Other races which co-existed with us on Earth.

2) The difference between partial and full manifestation and their relationship with holographic reality and split consciousness/unified consciousness.

3) The possible protocols of E.T. contact enabling one to discern between real contact and social engineering.

4) Can population control be something natural without social engineering?

5) Are there other planets in our solar system unaccounted for by NASA and JPL and filtered out by the Office of Astronomical Telegrams?

6) Why did our ancestors encounter so many problems despite having unified consciousness?

7) The nature of serial and linear time in reference to evolution and what we define as the present and if this is dynamic and changeable by ourselves even now.

8) The nature of Genetic Memory. 

9) What was the purpose of the Sphinx and the pyramids?

10) How is life created? The possible distinctions between creation and evolution and their roles in the creation process.

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