Wednesday 25 July 2012

MKULTRA, Dark Night Rises & UN Gun Control

The United States like Europe is bankrupt and using force of violence abroad to prop up it's corrupt financial system. The last country to stand up to using petrodollars was Gaddafi's Libya. The West was so outraged at this they made a special effort at creating a snuff movie of his execution where he was sodomised before being shot and put on display.

Lord knows I don't agree with guns or violence and I think cooperation with the police is probably wiser in most instances but you would have to be drooling saliva 24/7 to cede any gun ownership to Govcorp right now. When the financial system collapses under the absurdity of it's own unfairness and weight (and it will), the consumer society is going to learn what Just InTime food distribution is all about including three days of food for the average US city. The outside world only want's to be paid in gold or bartered products it cannot produce for itself.

Maybe the Pentagon and Lockheed and Northrop Grumman and Raytheon can swap stealth bombers for a while and the outside world can bring some love that the American people have been exporting abroad for mindless decades?