Sunday 22 July 2012

Propaganda For War On Iran & US/Israeli Hypocrisy

It's important not to turn criticism into hate speech or divisive racial attacks. I criticize wrong doing wherever I see it and so currently that includes the US, UK, Israel, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. 

However with Israel because of their history of persecution, care must be taken to ensure that the issues are criticized because the greatest fear of the Israeli Jews is that they will be subject to what they have imposed on others once again. This is a cycle of violence that needs to be broken and so I don't endorse any words or actions that foster fear against anybody. 

The video above is extremely hard hitting but unlike many anti Israel productions it doesn't wander into sly hate speech. For that reason I'm comfortable posting it and will continue to attack the US, UK, Israel, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain governments for propping up a world order that is based on petrodollars, greed and iniquity. 

Once that changes there's no need for hate speech or revenge. Let's solve the problem not create another round of problems. 

Elites control us with divide and rule. 

It's that simple.