Thursday 26 July 2012

International Nazis, The Vatican & CIA

The key Nazi that Joseph Farrell draws our attention to is Martin Bormann. He was most trusted by Hitler and went missing with around 700 million dollars plus diamonds and gold that nobody could find even though the people chasing the cash were organising post war visas for top Nazis to work in the US through Project Paperclip. We can reasonably assume they didn't work too hard at that or that the gamekeepers got into bed with the poachers.

I've gone off the boil with Farrell recently. His love of books means he misses out on history rocking oral testimony popping up on the net like Douglas Dietrich's account of the flight to Antarctica of some Nazi elite and even use of a nuclear bomb against the Russians. However this is an early but recently uploaded Nazi International interview and is still a good introduction to his work for the beginner.

None of the world makes sense unless the researcher has a grasp of the whitewashed history of post war Nazi embrace. 

In a nutshell Germany lost the war. The Nazis won it.