Friday, 27 July 2012

Have The Banking Elite Tampered With Food To Keep Us Stupid?

A very informed talk on the subject. The interview is a little bit negative and over simplistic but I think the post title's question is a no brainer. There's a lot information I had never come across before in this interview with Dr Curtis Duncan, including penis size problems and why PVC dildos are a really bad idea. I thought I'd include those to lure you in. 

It's because I care.

Here's the blurb: July 25, 2012–Dr. Curtis Duncan is a holistic health expert, herbalist and avid researcher. He will discuss the feminization of males and the chemicals that are behind the reason why testosterone levels have been declining, impotence, dropped sperm counts, smaller penises, genital birth defects, autism, ADHD, cancer, low libido and more. 

These chemicals also have gender bending effects and cause men to act and behave like women and women to act and behave like men, even altering sexual preference. We’ll also discuss the estrogen mimicking chemicals that are behind female infertility, miscarriages, cancer and more. Curtis talks about the endocrine system, endocrine disrupting chemicals, the companies and people behind gender bending chemicals, chemical effects on sexuality and the conspiracy behind it all. ~Radio 3Fourteen