Monday, 16 July 2012

Charlie Skelton At The Guardian Breaks The Corporate Media Truth Embargo

The informed observer is well aware of the powerfully financed groups that direct the journalist narrative in the controlled corporate media. For this reason very few are aware that NATO is largely responsible for the massacres in Syria and that the usual suspects such as the Council on Foreign Relations or The Bilderberg Group are backing the terrorists in Syria with their extensive control of the corporate for profit pro-war media-narrative.

Charlie Skelton has broken this truth embargo with an article tucked away in the back pages of Comment is Free in The Guardian. It is comprehensive, well researched and extraordinarily extensive. Never before in British Journalism has an article critical of these warmongers parading as think tanks been published. It is nothing less than a piece of history and you can be sure that this will not be the first.

When the world wakes up to the extensive media manipulation it is subjected to this article will be marked as a seminal moment in reporting history. It is slightly tedious to the untrained eye but make no mistake it is a bombshell in the garden of supine journalism.

Update: Tariq Ali agrees