Tuesday 31 July 2012

5 1/2 Hours of U.S. International Drug & Arms Dealing Testimony

In 1986 the United States of America's government and military were privately falling over themselves to sell arms to Iran despite publicly portraying Iranians as terrorists. The profits from this very typical, concealed American business transaction were fed into Nicaraguan rebels/terrorists called the Contras because the US has never tolerated democratically elected socialism in any country it can usurp. However the profits from arms to Iran wasn't quite sufficient so the Nicaraguan rebels/terrorists also supplied Cocaine to in exchange for arms using the CIA. Publicly, Ronald Reagan looked gravely into the TV cameras and declared a war on drugs.

The entire business between the US, Iran and Nicaraguan Rebels/Terrorists was overseen by the Government, the CIA and the the Military but most importantly, because the average American  can't digest the scale of corruption in the U.S, it involved George Bush Sr. who ran the CIA and was later Vice President, and a young governor of Arkansas called William Clinton who protected a small airport in his state called Mena, be used to smuggle the drugs. In one incident two young men out hunting saw a drug drop and the local police killed them and put their bodies across a train track to be run over. They blamed it on the marijuana the boys had been smoking.

It takes a willful block headedness to refuse to accept that at a certain level in politics, they're all in it together. They know how to skirmish on trivial issues to keep the attention diverted from the profits they make. That's how divide and rule works. Anyone divided on political issues or party politics is a chump. Me too once upon a time but not any longer.