Monday, 27 February 2012

So You Think Thermonuclear War Isn't On The Table?

You won't see this in the presstitute mainscream media who are bamboozling the public with so much irrelevant B.S. it's hard to know how to wave a little handkerchief in the corner and mouth the action is over here not there so people pay attention. There's too much in this video for the beginner so skip to the third minute and I'm only going to ask one simple human question that an ordinary human being, including your mum and dad, can answer.

Look at Vladimir Putin's face and ask yourself. Is he fucking around or is he being more open, transparent and honest than any Western leader in the corporate for-profit war media? Go to the 3rd minute the game isn't what you think it is.

It's a strange world where Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Vladimir Putin are keeping us out of war but the great game is a little further up the food chain than government. Strategically it makes sense for a quick tactical nuclear exchange so the world can wake the fuck up from its celebrity-obsessed sports rituals and junk food media diet. Fewer deaths that way than the full-on war the global oligarchs make a tidy profit from.

How about Omsk for Philadelphia? Or would you rather this spilt out into uncontrolled thermonuclear war?

Update: Original video censored.