Tuesday 14 February 2012

Robert Phoenix & I

Robert Phoenix invited me to talk with him on Free Association Radio for half an hour on Monday. That's no reason to give me a wider berth than usual because the quality bit is Robert on his own in the beginning. That's not false modesty either. The guy is a natural at being interesting without trying too hard.

Disappointingly but not entirely unexpectedly I interrupt too much, talk too fast and don't listen very well. Robert compensates for this with a killer basso profondo John B Wells voice impersonation in the beginning. It's word and tonally perfect. He kills a man's entire career shtick in three or four minutes but with a serious comment to make about Coast To Coast integrity.

He also invokes the American female equivalent of "annoyed from Tunbridge Wells" on right wing radio batting for Team Santorum. It's not just funny it's uncomfortable how much sympathy seemingly innocuous people take in the most vicious people professing to be holy men of political calling. 

Political priests are double scum plus for rational humans but for big demographic chunks it's a platinum credit card at a Miami GOP fund raiser for new voting software. It's the plenary dispensation ponzi scheme of medieval Papal scams.

Politicians are with a few rare exceptions self selecting power groomers and fondlers. Choosing sides in politics is a mugs game when they're all so disconnected from ordinary concerns, but like Robert I see what Murdoch's first choice for the GOP is packing under the piety. I don't care who gets in but the humourless self assurance of Rick Santorum screams psychopathy. There are few things on our planet more vicious than doing the Lords work in a Stealth Bomber with a growth market for Drones.