Tuesday 14 February 2012

John Lash & The Master & Margarita

An upbeat talk with John Lash on Radio Free Humanity with Frater X. Despite the visual I've used, it's not all about control freaks, but as the FBI is now trying to stifle the ten percent of the population who reject the 911 commission report by labelling them as terrorists  it's a useful time to revisit The Washington Posts unprecedented two year investigation into the security state

The findings summary is concise and plain enough evidence that the NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI and the other 1200 alphabet soup agencies (not including the 1900 private companies) are delusional at best.

A few hours spent with widely available documentation on who funds war, and who gets to put their snouts in the trough from it is hardly a crime scene so complex nobody can figure it out.

John name checks Bulgakov's The Master & Margarita in this talk. Chapter 2: Pontius Pilate is my all time favourite chapter of any book.