Monday 2 January 2012

Nick Redfern - Corruption At NASA

Most of the people at NASA have no idea so it's a little unfair to portray the space agency (that is under military control) as corrupt across the board. Nevertheless the abdication of scientific inquiry and submission to hierarchy is ubiquitous by both highly qualified NASA pseudo scientists and the pseudo for profit news media.

Nick Redfern, Britain's plucky and persistent investigative writer and journalist highlights some of the more jarring evidence of corruption at NASA. I say corruption because taking money from taxpayers and not holding to the NASA mission faithfully is an abuse of trust and manipulation of public understanding.

However, if I'm being charitable to the rapidly plummeting credibility of NASA, they are the gatekeepers to information that would transform human conciousness across the globe over night. There would be winners and losers but the sheer scale of change has cornered the agency into a position of terrified incoherence when confronted by requests from the public to show us detailed and granular photography on Mars and the Moon in specific locations.

Off the top of my head evidence of the past civilisations on Mars would shred religion, history, free energy, academia and swell up a raging tsunami of more questions over the deception of our true history which we really have a very threadbare official narrative for.