Monday, 2 January 2012

Operation Paperclip - How The Germans Lost WWII But The Nazis Won

I've used the visual above as recently I've learned a bit more about mind control than I really would normally not want to. Duncan O'Finioan explains in interviews that with sufficient pain, and then some more, the mind has to shear off into a new personality which is then malleable to programming.

Historically, the U.S military's Project Paperclip transfer of Nazi talent at the end of the war from Germany to the U.S. completely undermined any moral premise for going to war. The war machine whips up the people to go fight an enemy and then when the enemy is defeated, as in this case, the ideological and technocratic elite were shipped wholesale back to the US, and began to usurp the institutions of the United States. Everything from the Pentagon to NASA to medical research was populated by some of the most ardent Nazis in the war. Mix in the occult themes popular with groups within the SS and it's fair to ask the question. Did the Nazis actually win the war and infect their host root and branch?