Wednesday 11 January 2012

James Gilliland - How Cosmic & Multidimensional Is Your God?

I wouldn't want people to think that just because I know the Abrahamic faiths are rigged to keep us fighting each other for thousands of years that I don't have a conceptual and spiritual position on the ability to be self aware which is to me as divine a spark of infinity as the beginning and end of time or the edge of space and existence. That's a long way round of avoiding the God word which is so loaded by the rigged games we've had foisted on us.

James Gilliland gets it. He has experiences I'm not familiar with but like me his God has nothing to do with the Islamic, Christian and Jewish Gods of salvation. They're fake. Wired by off and on planet forces to keep us below a level of conciousness that we're very capable of exceeding. God willing.