Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Observer & The Observed, The Dreamer & The Dream. They Are The Same Thing.

If you dig about to find what's going on in quantum mechanics (it's not physics baby) and then read and listen around to thinkers in spiritual mysticism or shamanism or whatever metaphysical framework you want to call it; they are saying the same thing. 

There's a dark side with these matters too as any Satanic dabbler can share. The white coat laboratory Freemasons at CERN wont tell you they're punching holes into other dimensions without a clue of what they might be letting in through the back door but that's their very well paid agenda. There are ways to discover the basics by going inside (the Kingdom of heaven is within you) and this podcast interview of Neil Kramer by Occult of Personality Greg Kaminski covers the positive ways you can dissolve the illusion of separation, that to be candid, we all chose to incarnate into for this particular game show.

It's top notch subatomic to universal-mechanics FAQs and peace of mind. Conciousness is probably the least understood and largest subject one can imagine. Pun intended.

Update: If you don't have time watch the clip below for the condensed argument. It's not just good. It's exciting.