Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Obama 'Son Of Malcolm X' Theory Too Juicy Too Ignore


Anybody still hopeful that a Presidential candidate can make it through the Senate or Congress, raise the sick money needed, run a gruelling campaign and become POTUS without being owned by capitalism is off their rocker. Barack Obama seemed to be a breath of fresh air with his message of hope and change and while he has done a magnificent job of preventing the US from imploding it's fair to say the audacity of hope is wearing thin though not entirely extinguished.

When the Birther details first came to light a cool, dispassionate and objective eye could see that there were questions to be asked. The subsequent release of his birth certificate  showed that not only was it photoshopped but amateurishly so, revealing the layers of work required to alter it. I found the whole birther story (even if true) quite tedious compared to the much more exciting son of  Malcolm X story on Israeli Insider a few years ago and found it too robust and detailed to ignore. If you read one piece of 'out there' information about Obama it's that one.

My view is that in order for a President to be really effective they would need to run the Oval Office under subterfuge. That is to look like they are business as (crooked) usual while amassing the information needed to cleanse the US political system of the lizards who run the show. This would require hiring all the usual sleazy scum buckets that are feasting like pigs off the U.S. taxpayers. Then it would require pitching enemies against enemies, making notes of who is who and acting decisively when the purge is necessary. There's a couple of moves that supported this wild ass thinking on my part and they include Rahm Emanuelle's short stint in power, the swapping of Petraus to CIA and Panetta to Defence and then the recent resignation of Dennis Ross from the Middle East non peace process. Slim pickings I'll grant you but the last one is most significant. Obama has been patient with Israel's expansion into Arab lands and yet still Binyamin Netanyahu has been the most ungrateful recipient of that patience. In fact Netenyahu has gone out of his way to snub Barack Obama and treat the United States like the Knesset runs Congress, which it does in some ways. But that little technical slip between Obama and Sarkozy was very revealing.

Anyway the point of posting this today is that if, and it's a huge improbable "if" Obama is Malcolm X's son. 

I'm cool with that. I love Malcolm X

Is this a good time to air Freeman's Obama 'clone of Akhenaten' theory? Probably not but ya gotta admit. The whole family looks the spitting image, and what was it Obama said on his first foreign country visit to the land of Egypt? I'm honoured to be in the timeless city of Cairo. Well it would be timeless if you were the clone of Akehnaten (Tutenkhamun's son) wouldn't it?