Thursday, 22 December 2011

John Lash - Gnostic Vigilance Against The Archons

There's a million reasons to take a look at John Lash's work. His proselytizing of the Organic light and Sophia Gaia/Planetary Tantra (applied myth making) have no competition given he's piloting the exploration of the latter openly and on the internet for all to see.

However it's his life of scholarly study that led to a focus on the Nag Hamaadi book discoveries and subsequent translation from the Coptic language that tells a story with two dum dum bullet points that are straight from The Matrix or Inception.

The first is how the Gnostics warned humanity of mind parasites/killer memes that would use religion as their most effective tool of control. The second is the explicit and lengthy talk of the presence of Archons as an alien influence on planet Earth. Each would sound preposterous if they weren't so hip and humming with circumstantial evidence.

We'd know so much more if the Vatican and Rome had left us alone instead of burning their libraries. We'd be peaceful cohabiting Cathars, Pagans and Telestai/Gnotics types. People who cared about nature, celebrated mysteries, were devoted to learning and shunned materialism.

If you do get listen to the interview of how the Archons covet our human genetics you can take comfort in this creepy outfit and their awkwardly named genomic project.