Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Interview With Foster Gamble Of Thrive (Free Energy Movie) Movie

If you haven't seen the documentary Thrive yet it's an excellent introduction into why Capitalism has a huge profit incentive to lie, conceal, suppress and destroy over at least a century's worth of innovation on free energy developments as indeed Nikola Tesla discovered while working with Edison. Capitalism hates free energy, hates miracle medicines and has a love hate relationship with the internet.

That's a very short summary because the topic is quite convoluted and deals with ideas that are quite challenging to the stiffs in the scientific world who have a peer review reputation to maintain, greedy capitalism to defend, salaries and pensions to protect, and generally speaking with a mind that is risk averse and trained to follow not lead. The proof of that is our reliance on over century old combustion engine technology and the illusion that technologically we're an advanced species. We're not.

Foster Gamble the maker of Thrive is an heir to the Proctor & Gamble dynasty who walked away from a life of dutiful corporate wealth secured through relentless growth and acquisition. This interview was conducted by pesn.com one of the more cautious and dutiful sites documenting free energy developments. It's worth recalling that a hallmark of the Universe is free and abundant energy. 

It's just the way it is. Here's a copy for download if you wish to see it.