Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Free Energy - Andrea Rossi's E-CAT (Energy Catalyzer)

Ever noticed how the cheaper stuff gets the less brands matter? The marketing schizoids should bear this in mind as 3D printing (race to the bottom costs) and experiments in free energy are beginning to mushroom without the latter inventors being suicided as so often happens when challenging big oil.

Andrea Rossi's cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction experiments are increasingly gathering steam (pun unintended) and yet corporate media ignores the story and white coat science sneeringly declares his experiments as beyond the laws of standard model physics when that is  exactly the point of the CERN large hadron collider. The Wikipedia entry is not reflective of the latest experiments conducted in late October when the E-CAT ran for 5.5 hours producing 479 kW, while in self-looped mode. That means no substantial external energy was required to make it run, because it kept itself running even while producing an excess of nearly half a megawatt which is still only half it's anticipated final output.

As Foster Gamble put's it. It's not free energy as in free like air but free like free beer. Somebody has to make it in the first place. 

I ask you. Why is a the multi billion Euro CERN smashing up stuff we don't need to understand, when small inventors are struggling to invent some of the most important science ever needed in the history of our species.