Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Thrive - Toroidal Physics & The New Energy


Sometimes it takes an heir to the P&G corporate-elite-career path to blow open the whole mickey mouse show.

This new Thrive documentary on technological suppression and the new energy physics has received an incredible reception in my digital circles in the last week or so with over 50 000 views since it came out in that time. However, it wasn't until my friend and former Honda research scientist Robert Stanley urged me to watch it before it's removed (so far I've had to replace the banned embed three times) from Youtube as these samizdat culture videos often are that I opened a tab to watch it later.

I'm glad I did.

It's informative, well made, entertaining, educational and credible but most importantly it's uplifting because we know we're on the edge of something quite amazing and this film pushes that destiny one large mankind step closer. All you have to do is watch it and by just doing that, you'll be contributing towards a better world. 

Consciousness leads to creation leads to reality. Take the first step.