Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Charlotte Iserbyt - Rewiring Education To Make Children Conform & Adults Compliant

Charlotte Iserbyt's father and grandfather were (like John Kerry and George Bush) Skull & Bones members and so her qualifications to comment on the matter of using education to programme children to be wired for obedience later on in life, and in the corporate environment are solid. She explains how the process is designed so that children are stripped of the ability to question, interrogate, push for better solutions and solve problems and thus obedient later on as a profit unit within the corporate machine. In short Charlotte blows the lid off the illusion of school as education when it no longer is. She is bright, lucid and articulate and has worked at a senior level within the Reagan administration.

Only a fool could watch this interview and fail to conclude that elite groups conspire to keep the masses stupid. But then how could you tell if you are stupid? 

Here's your chance. Don't blow it.