Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Intra-Species Predation By Our Elite Ruling Class

John talks about our parasitic problem of intra or same-species-predation. The humans among us who live off other humans not with them. He asks us to identify the predators. For example those in the media who "corrupt our social dialogue with deliberate lies and manipulation".

It's a terrific question. Do we have a collective right to live in peace and harmony without encouraging greed, inequity and discord or do we tolerate the psychopaths who foment division through acquisition and selfish gain. There's a lot to think about here and I've merely adumbrated a few points that only an idiot would quote me on without doing the necessary study, which to get this far would require a couple of weeks solid concentration. So don't quote me out of context. These are serious issues.

Update: The original video was pulled so we're left with a music remix. I've noticed a lot of his work has been removed over the years.

Update: Original video removed.