Sunday 13 November 2011

Dr John Mack MD - Harvard Clinical Psychology & Alien Abductions

To paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke 'any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from the paranormal'.

Increasingly in the scientific press these days we're presented with technology progress that should make the thinking person review the E.T. and abduction question more intelligently. If terrestrial science is making developments in traction beams and invisibility cloaking (two examples from last month alone) one should have no problem in understanding that beings with a thousand or a million years or more of technological superiority would have little problem dragging people out of their sleep for biological tests, then wiping their memories (subsequently recalled in hypnotic regression) and returning them to their sleep largely undetected.

Why would they do that? That's a hundred hours of study just to have some solid speculation so it's not very helpful to the novice at this stage as it opens up more questions than it answers.

Dr. John Mack M.D. was Harvard's top psychologist when he first heard about the alien abduction phenomenon and rejected it immediately as nonsense. However on further examination the data said something was really happening and his continued interest nearly cost him his job. It certainly had his reputation smeared by the academic elite controllers who are instructed to lean on scholars who come too close to the truth. The Dean of Harvard in this instance.

Amazingly Alan Dershowitz (Ultra Zionist Jewish American Lobby) comes to the rescue arguing a case of tolerance and scientific independence. Now that might fly in the face of his attack dog politics for anyone who criticizes Israel but it is as it is. He comes through and does the right thing for Dr Mack in this interesting documentary that compliments the Dr. Karla Turner and Bud Hopkins testimony I've previously written a fair amount about.

Just one anecdote I picked up along the way to fit with the visual of this post. One abductee was taken by traction beam or whatever through the UFO exit and entrance port hole and could see the alien beings paying no attention to him. It was so normal they were talking to each other as a human slid by in the middle of their interaction. That is or was the scale of alien abduction.