Friday, 7 October 2011

Wayne Herschel Interview - Cosmic Colonialism

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I'm working my way through Wayne Herschel's online interview backlog but so far the idea that is really turning me on is this. The Pyramids of Egypt and Chitzen Itza and others around the world are not historical artefacts for us. 

They are cosmic markers. 

Intergalactic colonial flags planted squarely in the sand that say to the rest of the cosmos who was here first. This makes a lot of sense considering the transdimensional nature of the cosmos. The most vital communications would need to be the simplest. A bit like a galactic Braille or a universal Morse code. Lo-tech (on one level), easy to spot and just as easy to observe for further clues over a bit of time. I also like his conclusion that it's us who are the aliens. It makes a lot of sense if we start to pull apart the missing links of evolution.

They use the star constellations to display their flag colours. I might have that a bit wrong and there's a lot more to his research but it's a neat idea backed up by constellation layouts in the archaeological hardware. But more important than all this is a simple point made by Wayne that is jarring more and more with me. I describe it as most of the world is still starving while the rest is obsessing about the next iPhone on their Christmas list. Get a grip fuckers. Materialism is so last century.