Friday 7 October 2011

Decoding Ancient Symbols with Wayne Herschel

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Wayne Herschel inadvertently ticks off one of my cross referencing techniques. I keep an eye out for vastly different people saying the same thing but from completely different sources. Naturally I've paid close attention to what alien contactees/abductees say when they've asked where do we come from. They all say it's a very complicated story but that we don't come from planet Earth and were placed here (which might explain why we suddenly slaughtered all the Neanderthals who by all accounts were quite sweet). 

Wayne confirms this in a fascinating interview that explores his near death experience. It's always very interesting for me when two stories from different corners of the internet overlap. The line isn't super clear in this interview so I'm not entirely sure if I get his Orion belt points towards Taurus and on to the Pleiades (pictured above) point but I do concur with his point that the pyramids around the world are pretty much the celestial version of a colonial flag planted in the ground. The interview doesn't begin immediately due to technical difficulties so forward a half hour or so to start at the beginning.