Sunday, 16 October 2011

Citbank Arrests #OWS Customers For Closing Accounts

Barely days after Citibank CEO Vikram Pandit talked about his sympathies with Occupy Wall Street and his willingness to engage with protesters, a Citibank in New York locked the doors of their branch and arrested a group of Citibank account holders who wished to to close their accounts. It's clear that Citibank are terrified that a few accounts closing will lead to a run on their bank. It would only take a small percentage of account holders to prove that Citibank is an economic hologram and like much of the financial sector, including the privately owned Federal Reserve, is desperately hiding how weak it is. The 99% are waking up and realise they've been duped, fleeced,conned and bullied for far too long.

Vikram Pandit, like all corporate psychopaths is clinically devoid of human empathy and necessarily has a relentless ability to justify corporate greed, as exemplified by his salary stock options and bonuses. There will be no Citibank/Vikram Pandit full apology and there will be no hint of confused embarrassment at the corporate or individuals inability to reconcile arresting law abiding customers on premises with wishing to engage the occupy movement just a few days before. 

It's a PR disaster of Greek tragedy proportions and the kind of paranoid reflexive action we're learning to expect, much like the NYPD macing defenceless women that unveils how scared the machine is of the 99% and how close the matrix is to collapsing.