Saturday 11 February 2012

The Best Pyramids Documentary On The Net

This is best documentary I've ever seen on the mystery of the pyramids. The main offending French archaeologist is made to look silly time and again by British engineers. He finally admits the ancient alien theory is the strongest one in the last segment. The killer nugget of information for me is that the dimensions of the pyramid tell us clearly that the builders knew the speed of light. I put it to you that if they are aligned with the cosmos, warn us of the equinoxes and precession, understood the speed of light then it's fair to suggest we've long had a helping hand in human affairs in addition to unwelcome interference and manipulation that is probably still here today.

I also put it to you that it takes a great deal of blunted curiosity and blind gullibility to accept National Geographics explanation that the pyramids are vast empty chambers of tombs bereft of inscription and assembled with a precision and scale we cannot duplicate today. Not even with engineering equipment infinitely superior to the stone and copper-against-stone tools that the Egyptologists argue were used. The question remains why would elite levels of academia exert top-down-control of subordinate academic  establishment with a narrative that is falling apart at the seams and ridiculed by anyone without a pension in jeopardy if they speak up?