Friday, 14 October 2011

Ancient Technology As Disinformation?

I'd be fibbing if I didn't admit to a fondness for tinfoil-hat grade conspiracy theory indulgence in the niche subject of Disinformation/COINTELPRO/Disinfo or information warfare. Nobody else thinks its interesting beyond spotting obvious examples and outing them but the stories created to blur or muddy the truth reveal an important picture of the thinking behind the disnfo agent in terms of what problem does it solve for them and how that informs us of broader psychological pictures such as their agendas and neurosis.

Take this 'camcorder found in ancient artefact'. A closer look reveals it to be riddled with disinformation tell tale signs. My impression is that it's the sort of video that acts well against the increasingly popular Ancient Aliens series. On the one hand it attracts the fan to defend the possibility of the discovery of ancient technology leaving them most exposed to ridicule when subsequently revealed as a hoax. That's my interpretation of why anybody would go to the effort of creating a video like this....anonymously.