Friday 7 October 2011

Ancient Aliens & The Founding Fathers

In its own way I would say this is a notably subversive piece of U.S. TV history, made in the tradition of telling as much as can be got away with. It's not perfect. How could any discussion of the Masonic roots of the United States avoid the Satanic symbolism of the Washington D.C. layout like that Pentagram above and below. But it is visualised and that's a start.

The programme is about as lengthy an exposure as mainstream America is ever going to get on the Masonic roots of the U.S. (and thus it's subservience to the 33rd degree Masonic lodge in London). I was also disappointed not to see the story about the founding fathers who at an important point were reluctant to unify until they were harangued by a strange figure from the gallery about the importance of the declaration of independence but as history didn't record this event officially its probably a myth. My question is surely it's one that can be verified or dismissed with a little research? Is there not one founding father who made a record of the matter in their diary? 

Anyway, its down to the Ancient Alien series to at least bring up the Masonic roots of the U.S. and the distinctly non secular Apotheosis of George Washington (though no mention of that Mayan Calendar in the Capitol Dome). The series is winding down now so they string out minutes worth of information sometimes into long stretches of Socratic navel gazing but it's still been one of the most controversial and Smithsonian-challenging versions of history in broadcast media. Plus they used a really creepy Grandmaster Freemason with a dodgy foreign accent to paint the Masonic side of history. So we can tell the producers are on our side but then you could tell that from the beginning if you were paying attention.