Monday 12 September 2011

AJ Ensor - Disinformation

90% of intelligence agency work is disinformation and furthermore 90% of disinformation is the truth with one or two lies, so the agenda can be either confused, steered or controlled. When I spot what looks like disinformation I pay it close attention and try to deconstruct the agenda because people have gone to some effort to confuse me, and that is always very revealing of their aims.

The last time I had occasion to observe information closely that elites meddlers feared enough to pollute was Whitley Strieber's book, The Master of the Key  because of the meaning distortions put into it without anyone noticing for a decade or so. Whitley was given some incredible information about the human race and somebody went to the effort of making small but vital changes to, I think, the proof read copy. Those changes went unnoticed till just recently when a reader noticed the discrepancies. Even the author had missed those until alerted.

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In the interview above, my alarm bells were alerted by an ex forces UFO book author called AJ Ensor (he claims). In my experience ex forces are to be viewed with suspicion because they are often on a pension and are obligated to do as they are told. His claims to be a journalist, but writes very shoddily, he makes fantastic claims for a man who is now dead, liberally sprinkles his intelligence community links at any opportunity as a calling card but most obvious to the alert minded, speaks awkwardly and deceptively with damaging admissions.

AJ Ensor admits he didn't check facts like what Majestic 12 means (UFO 101) for the uninitiated), he goes into a long meaningless ramble about the bell curve and statistical deviation, his first book is a children's fantasy and so is his second if you want my opinion. Time and again in the interview AJ Ensor isn't interested in the facts that a real journalist would pursue, instead he prefers to spin tales that any reasonably UFOlogist would identify as grounded in varying grades of truth depending on one's personal weltanschauung of the topic. It was only at the end when his story dissembled into meaningless bullshit that I actually gave it some credit as disinformation that is so bad we are meant to do the opposite of his final recommendation when in fact his final conclusions align with my own understanding of how to handle off planet intervention. I am posting it so that fellow dabblers can see how difficult it is to pursue an understanding of a very difficult subject.

However each time I see the efforts that organisations will go to in order to infect UFO information I'm energised that my instincts are right. They are hiding something and there's an agenda being played out here. I do recommend Ohio Exopolitics who frequently serve up (to use a food and drug dealing metaphor) interesting guests to be interviewed.

Update: Whitley Strieber disagrees with me and despite it being his book, I maintain my position.