Wednesday 10 August 2011

The Market For Mind Control

Most people are unaware that mind control is the holy grail of the demonics who prowl the Pentagon. It sounds so evil and unlikely that its easy to dismiss. However projects like MKULTRA and Montauk are well documented and more contemporary manifestations still want to create the perfect soldier and control the other chaps army through mind control and research in this area takes psychic power much more seriously than the message pumped out by the complex's media interests. The interview above caught my attention as Nick Begich is the most informed and authoritive person I've heard to date. His low key manner belies his understanding of what is ticking and how. 

His interview starts at 52 minutes if my memory serves me correctly. There's information here that advertising psychopaths will drool at. Nick is sparing with that information but drops enough search words for the curious to pursue.