Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Clif High - Crustal Shift, Expando Planet And Other Extinction Level Events


It's a melodramatic title because unfortunately the R Complex in peoples brains means we pay more attention to fear messages than positive messages. The media and advertising business know this very well as even those ads with perfect families with preternatual teeth in perfect homes selling toothpaste know the subtext is 'you're not normal if you don't buy our FMCG products'. However it's unfair to say this hot off the press interview is all doom and gloom as Cliff is a wise and engaging person. It assumes you know his work already and so if it's too complex click on the Clif High tag below and check out some of his earlier work.

I don't pay attention to extinction level events as I have a feeling it's all mapped out for me though I might think about moving if I was living in LA or Miami. Those two places never look good in future map scenarios.