Sunday 31 July 2011


This is the best rock documentary since watching Dig! and The Filth & The Fury. Days of our lives made me realise the only reason I loved Queen but didn't rave about them as a youngster was because the press had it in for Queen and portrayed them as uncool. I wonder if their earliest hit "Killer Queen" had something to do with that. It must have struck a chord with Buckingham Palace? It's remarkably prescient with lyrics such as

"She's a killer Queen, dynamite with a laser beam"

"perfumes came naturally from Paris, for cars she couldn't care less"

Was Freddy Mercury channelling the lyricist spirit? Nobody knows, much like I didn't know Freddy Mercury was gay until the evening news on 24 November 1991 when I was about to hit the road again and leave the UK for the first time to work abroad. 

I can still remember the scene. I was in bed watching the TV and I know it's a cliché but I was both shocked and surprised. Come to think of it, Freddy Mercury, Princess Diana and Amy Winehouse are the three people I've been most affected by after they died aside from my Great Grandma Lucy Myers

The Bible she gave me as a present is within reaching distant as I type. I use it for reference. This is the second part.